Counseling Services

The following is a list of services provided by New Outlook Behavioral Health Center:

Screening and Intake Assessment

Every client who enters into the program must have an assessment completed. This is the time that the client and their family will learn about program services. And information will be gathered from both the client and the agency to determine the best plan of action to assist the new client and their family.

Community Support Services

These services help the client improve their everyday skills, such as having good coping skills, good social skills, the ability to make good decisions, follow rules, conflict resolution and anger management skills. This services access the client willingness and their ability use the skills in which they were taught. This service also allows the client to share their ideas and thoughts about the skills they have learned as well as individualizing the skills to better suite their needs. As with all of our services, the client’s family are invited to attend the sessions.

Skills Training/ Psycho-Social Education

Some of the skills the client work on during Community Support will be implemented during this training session. Some skills can be taught in group sessions as well as during the individual session. This is the service where clients learn age appropriate skills. The client is exposed to several different skills and techniques and are given opportunities to practice and demonstrate the use of the skills being taught. The client is also given cues as to when and how to effectively implement the skills. This service is hands on and is also open to the client’s family.


This service can be conducted with both the client and their family to help improve the functioning of the unit.

Crisis Intervention Services

NOBHC will provide a 24-hour crisis number for emergencies. This service is put in place to help families de-escalate problems and situations that have caused a crisis inside of the family unit. The Counselor who works with the family is the frontline of defense, and is there to help the family and the client refocus. The client and the family is offered intense outpatient services inside of their natural environment. This service will re-enforce the skills the client was taught as well as gather new information that can be incorporated into the clients current service plan.

Parent Workshops

This is a service that is provided to parents and other care givers twice a month. In these sessions, the parents are provided with informational presentations by community partners, they are trained to implement the skills being taught to their children and are given support to help re-enforce those skills that are necessary to aid in the support of the services their children are receiving.